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(Still from ‘The Object Problem’ - 2019)



Squished Cockroach is an artist and video producer based in Sydney. She uses video and performance as her main medium. Her work dwells in the concept of the relationship of body and time and sometimes comments on her experience as an Asian woman. Her work has been exhibited across various galleries in Sydney such as Good Space Gallery, Down / Under Space, Commune and SCA galleries.

She is currently completing her degree in Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Screen Art at The University of Sydney. She was chosen as the recipient of The Jerome De Costa Memorial Scholarship for this year and she was chosen as the winner for USU Creative Awards 2019 in the Art category for her work ‘The Object Problem’.



2019 - YELLOW and The Object Problem’ at Verge gallery as part of USU Creative Awards

2019 - ‘YELLOW’ at Good Space Gallery

2018 - 'YELLOW’ at COMMUNE

2018 - ‘Beard’ and ‘Sundial’ at Ded Space

2017 - ‘Find Exotic Asian Women In Your Area’ at Down / Under Space

2017 - ‘Find Exotic Asian Women In Your Area’ at Short Space


2018 - ‘YELLOW’ at Ded Space

2017 - ‘YELLOW 0.1at Stucco

2017 - ‘OUT’ at Stucco

2016 - ‘Sundial’ at SCA